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SmarterGive can provide guidance at any point in your journey…Define a philanthropic portfolio

Before creating a strategy for the future, it is helpful to understand and organize the grants you are already making.  SmarterGive works with donors to categorize and organize their current grantmaking to provide a picture of of what they have already accomplished.  A philanthropic portfolio adds structure and guidelines to grantmaking and provides a foundation for moving forward. 

Find a strategic focus

The options for impact are limitless and the needs are often overwhelming. SmarterGive provides a structured way to think about the greatest opportunities for impact. We believe that the best opportunities are at the intersection of passion / values and the external circumstances in the social sector. There is no “right” answer. Where this intersection is found, is different for everyone. We work closely with our clients to help find this intersection. Once we have a sense of direction, we can begin to develop a mission, vision, and set goals. If you already have a sense of direction, we can work together to refine or switch your focus. 

Develop programs

If you have a sense of the impact you want to make as a donor, we can help you design a program that fits your needs. SmarterGive brings rigor and analysis to the process to develop data-informed programs that meet the needs of the populations you want to impact. We can assess the opportunities and organizations that fit your interests, identify target populations and geographies, and connect you with other grantmakers.  We operationalize your ideas into action and impact. 

Choose Partners

Once you have a sense of what you want to accomplish, we use this strategic roadmap to assess potential partners and grantees.  We work alongside many types of partners and organizations and can quickly determine if the opportunity is aligned. We conduct robust due diligence, review proposals, negotiate grants, as well as provide on-going support to grantees. 

Measure and evaluate impact

Measuring the impact of your grants can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  We can help you think through simple solutions to ensure that your gifts are being used effectively and that they are having the impact you intended. We also look at evaluation findings and recommend ways to further increase your impact.

On-going administrative support

 In addition to having a great strategy, grantmaking still requires on-going time, expertise, and skill. SmarterGive can help to mange the administrative process for funders; administration should not be a barrier to achieving your desired impact.


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