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SmarterGive provides strategic philanthropic advice to help donors  maximize impact.

With creative strategies and approaches to social issues, we believe philanthropists can transform our world.

The social sector is complex and rapidly changing; a strong sense of direction and strategy is imperative to guide decision-making.
The use of data and analysis can be used to design thoughtful programs that will maximize impact
Administration should not be a barrier to good grant-making. We streamline and manage the processes.
Evaluation is an opportunity to learn and grow programs, strategies, and organizations and, ultimatel,y those improvements lead to greater impact.

Kendall_ChristineChristine is an expert in strategic philanthropy and the Founder of SmarterGive. Christine believes that rigor, data, and strategic thinking leads to higher impact philanthropy and greater effectiveness.   Christine developed her knowledge of social impact and strategic philanthropy as a strategy consultant at both LEK and FSG. She uses the analytic and strategic tool kit she developed as a strategy consultant to guide her work with her clients.

Christine brings her strategy experience to any social issue.  She has worked on a range of issue areas including education, healthcare, the environment, and global development. She also has broad geographic expertise.  She has worked on many projects focused locally in Boston, as well as nationally. She also has extensive global experience having worked on projects across the world including in Africa, Asia and South America.

Christine is passionate not only about making an impact herself, but in helping the entire social sector be more effective. She has seen first hand the power that donors can have and the type of social change they can drive through highly effective grantmaking.

We believe that to work with people that have business backgrounds and also those in the social sector, it is important to understand both. We bridge the gap across these two sectors and create a common language and understanding. Learn more here.
SmarterGive believes in the power of data to guide decision-making, and we bring this rigor and data-first approach to develop strategies and programs. We use our expertise in data and analysis to develop smart creative solutions to real social problems and needs.
We know that the interests of philanthropists are as broad as the issues they are looking to impact and we have deep experience across a wide range of social issues including healthcare, education, community development, and the environment. Learn more here.
We believe that the more strategic, informed, and involved the donor, the greater the power to make a difference. We have the understanding, experience, and knowledge to help donors achieve this kind of impact. Learn more here.
We know that each person and organization has unique interests and experiences that guide their giving so we tailor all of our project to meet the specific needs of each client. Learn more here.

Our clients are looking to increase the impact of their philanthropic dollars by increasing their understanding of the social sector.

Charitable donations, grantmaking, direct donations—individuals, foundations and businesses all have unique challenges and opportunities to affect positive change. Smarter Give can help to refine strategy and measure impact.

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