Our clients are looking to increase the impact of their philanthropy by increasing their understanding of the social sector.

Individuals and Families

In 2013, individuals and families gave almost $250B to the social sector. While many people give, it is often challenging to decide how and where to give without knowledge of the social sector and its complexities and to insure the dollars are yielding a positive impact.


Smarter Give provides strategy support for foundations that are getting started and looking for focus, increasing their grantmaking, refining their objectives, passing from one generation to the next or simply looking to plan for the future.


Charitable giving provides businesses a way to be involved in local communities, develop trust with key stakeholders, impact pressing social issues and ultimately yield positive business benefits. Smarter Give can help align business objectives with pressing social needs.

Top Three Giving Hesitations

Gifts won’t be used wisely
Lack knowledge / connection to charity
Fear of increase in donation requests

Top Three Giving Motivations

Desire to give back
Passionate about a cause
Impact community / world

*Among high net worth individuals who speak with an advisor. Source: US Trust, 2014.